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“NEW shop just opened” this week…
I called for the first to get a feel about a quote for some work needed,& talked with the onwer John, so I went in his shop for the first time.
(Very Impressed) (Reasonably & Fare Priced)
-Very neat…clean…friendly shop, his mechanics also show that they really care about there work and your needs!
-Usually I’m pretty picky on who works on my vehicles,
“I will say this” I will return for any future work needed to my rides,
89 s10 Blazer & 02 Chevy.
LQQK them up…
Give them a try!
You will be glad you did.
Thanks John & crew!
Comment by P.G
April 1, 20107:38 pm

Great Shop, Super Honest!!!!‎
I took my 2000 Honda CR-V in for the first time and was very impressed of how clean the shop was. The owner was very professional and polite, I went in for a check engine light which a few other shops (I won’t mention names) charged me quite a bit of money to repair but I still had the same problem. John explained the procedure and his mechanic took over the diagnostic, 1 hour later and $58.00 out of pocket my car was repaired and the problem has not reappeared for over a week now. I will defiantly go back to this shop and refer everyone I can to them. They are professional and honest, that is rare to find in a mechanic shop. Thank you John and Iseas I will see you guys soon.
John M
Comment by John M
April 14, 20106:40 am

Awesome! John, the owner, is great and really gives it his all when it comes to your car.
I found them on a few weeks ago and after calling around to get quotes on senors and catalytic converters, they had the best quote so I decided to check them out on a Saturday. I explained to John everything that has been going on with my car as it’s been a really big nightmare (with Firestone in Diamond Bar) and John did everything he could to test out my car for me especially my engine since I had just received an used engine. He did everything himself (there are also two other technicians there) and threw in some free tests for my car just to give me a piece of mind and also for himself. He wants things done right the first time, meaning giving all the time that is needed and is VERY thorough.
I brought in my car on a Saturday and John calls me during the week to let me know that he got a new machine that could test out more things for me. I would’ve never expected mechanics/technicians to do that but he did, very helpful and I’m very grateful to all that he’s helped me with and is still helping me with.
Every time I call, John picks up himself and always just tells me to bring in the car if I need something checked out. It’s a small shop but they really do have a big heart. Everyone’s so friendly. When I went the first time, I didn’t realize that they had just opened for 3 weeks. They are a bit tucked in near Rent-A-Wheel but they are totally worth it to go get your car checked. They have wi-fi also, so you could just wait there if you need to. They also have a tv. It’s a great “mom and pop” type of shop. They are very trustworthy and give you all the prices up-front. John will call many different places for you just to get a better deal on a part (which is pretty good already compared to what we would get ourselves because we don’t own a shop).
He thoroughly always explains things to me about my car and even shows diagrams and etc on the computer for me. He also prints them out for me to explain more in case I don’t understand. VERY thorough, VERY kind, and VERY professional. What else could one ask for? (especially since I’ve been burnt out by some already).
Comment by Lesley C.
April 26, 20107:56 pm

I went here today and i have to say that my experience was great. I saw an ad for them in Pennysaver and decided to give them a try. I like going to shops rather than Firestone or Michaellin because they can’t give you discounts just because, they are under company rules whereas mechanic owned shops are more like mom and pop stores who can take what you give them.
So i needed my brakes done and he told me basically what he would do and they give out FREE oil changes for services..i really like that because oil changes are the key to your car ..anyways..he was replacing my pads etc and then something broke in my wheel and he ordered up the new part within 2 mins!! he even gave me a discount because i didn’t foresee that extra cost.
Overall i think he was an honest man, who really knew his work and how to do it well, very professional and not that time your in the neighborhood stop by for a free brake inspection!!
Comment by Cheeks J.
May 9, 201011:49 am

Great shop. The owner is very kind and professional. The shop is exceptionally clean. The mechanics are friendly and honest, no one tries screwing you over here. This is the only place i trust to bring my car to for any maintenance. If you need a mechanic, HYE TECH AUTO is the place to go. Reasonable prices and great service, you cant go wrong.
Comment by Alex Y.
May 9, 201011:50 am

I was referred to Hye Tech Auto by a friend when my car broke down. I have always been very skeptical when it comes to auto repair shops. John, the owner, told me to bring the car in to check it out. When I arrived he was talking to an elderly couple who were satisfied with the price and work done on their car. I didn’t want to be nosey but I did hear John, the owner, talk about how he has just started up his business and wanted customers feel like family. “Come by this weekend and we’ll have a Bar-B-Q here on the lot”, is what he told them. I know it sounds kind of cheesy but that made me feel more at ease.
I took my car in because it would shake when I stepped on the gas pedal. Within minutes he had my car hooked up to a machine and figured out the problem. He showed me what the machine read was wrong, showed me the actual part on the car, and showed/gave me the part he replaced (all without ever asking). He told me to come back in a few hours and after changing a few parts my car was running better than before. He also went above and beyond by changing a couple that needed to be changed.
John and his mechanics were very professional. He did a great job, didn’t try to get me to fix something else that wasn’t needed at the time but said to keep an eye out for other future problems. I was amazed with how I was treated. He even called a few days later to check how the car was running. Never have I had a mechanic/owner do that for me. I will definitely keep bringing my cars here to be service and recommend it others.
Comment by Garry Prado
June 8, 20108:09 am

I took my car in for a rather important need. My transmission had begun giving me problems, and I was quoted from a Honda dealership that $4000 could fix the problem. Rather than paying that much money, I was referred to Hye Tech auto by a very close friend of mine, and I could NOT have made a better choice. These guys are amazing workers; the owner is such an honest, caring, humble business man. I wish more people could operate this way. Their work is very thorough. Each employee pays close attention to detail and they are all there to ensure that your vehicle is fixed for an affordable price. I have been referring these guys to all my closest friends and family, as I will continue to do because I was so pleased with my experience here. . They are affordable while still supplying top notch quality.
Comment by Marisa
August 9, 201011:20 am

If it’s your first time?
This is my second time at HYE-TECH AUTO
This shop… I can’t say enough! A+++
John, the owner had one of his professional mechanics,
I will call him the “WIZARD TECH”
There was an electrical problem with the wipers coming on by themselves when they felt like it & other issues;wiper delay,Low,mist,etc.not working! wipers only worked on high.
Wiper-motor needed a solder fix (inside) somewhere, it was a 50/50 chance of fixing it,
(Before ordering a NEW part or MOTOR)
The “WIZARD TECH” made the fix & ALL working properly again in no time at all.
I expected to leave my blazer there probably most of the day & ride my bicycle home and wait for his call.
Any-other shop would of probably said Oh!you need a NEW wiper motor,
or something else,and would of charged me a bundle $$$
Again the owner John, said to me up front will try to solder it first to see if that works! & it sure did! problem solved.
I have personally chosen to stay with HYE-TECH AUTO for any repair needs I might have for my 89 S10 Blazer, or my 2002 Chevrolet Silverado.
That’s why customers are going back to HYE-TECH AUTO.
John & crew!
Thanks again!
I’m glad I found your shop!
Comment by Patrick
September 11, 20101:09 pm

One of the best services I ever had, very professional, fair prices and knowledge about cars. If you are in need of a really good shop and mechanics, look no further!!! This is the shop you are looking for. John the owner, he is a friendly and honest guy, if you have a problem he will fix it. I highly recommend this shop.
Comment by Jumping Monkey Party Rentals
September 15, 20108:45 pm

loved the service. didn’t feel akward like other places where they just tell you whats wrong like you know what their talking about then tell you the price and look at you like hurry up and decide cuz i dot want to deal with people right very honest and great :)
Comment by Elizabeth
November 19, 20107:30 pm

I am speechless…you and your mechanics are awesome! My husband had the same work done on his car about 3 weeks ago for about 2 times the price! I am over pleased, not only with the (mechanical and customer) service I received, but with the complete diagnostics so that I can keep my car in the best running condition.
You are my mechanic for life….
Thank you!!!
Comment by Connie
December 4, 20107:53 pm

Had a great experience at John’s shop he really helped me out of a bind when my wife’s car broke down and I did not know what was wrong he checked it out and fixed it for cheap because the problem was not as big as I though it was. He even bought me lunch because I was stuck their until the car was fixed.
Comment by Joshua
February 8, 20118:05 pm

My car had a leak and John (the owner) really took care of my car for me. He is genuine and stands by his work. As a college student, I do not have a lot of extra cash for repairs, and John really worked with me. You will be hard pressed to find better service, and will not find it at a better price.
Comment by Michael
June 21, 20119:17 am

This is the best auto repair shop in the area. I have taken my vehicle here and am always well taken care of. They go above and beyond every time whether it is a simple oil change or brake job. I won’t take my car anywhere else. John and his crew are awesome. Prices are reasonable and service fantastic. Thanks for all you guys do.
Comment by Maurrissa
July 8, 20113:17 pm

I had an electrical problem that could be very expensive and a previous mechanic could not solve the problem after he had it for a long time. Kind and respectful John solved the problem the same day I brought it in. Not only did he save me tons of money because of his extremely fair prices but he repaired my broken turn signal handle for free and if that’s not enough he had my car washed! All I can say is, WOW! What a great mechanic shop!
Comment by Serah D.
July 20, 201110:05 pm

My husband was offered a Coupon Book when we first moved to Covina and since he rarely has time to do the maintenance on his truck and watches his money he jumped on the offer. I’m glad he did we got our oil changes done for cheap on both our cars thanx to the coupon deal he bought and I also found a Great Mechanic I could feel I trusted. John is a Great Guy and I refer my customers from Tacos Morales to his shop all the time. I’m glad we got found thru his advertising program. Ever since I’ve done oil changes, transmission check ups and bought batteries and other small things we’ve needed thru the years.
Comment by Miriam C.
June 5, 20121:57 pm

Honest and reliable service. John takes good care of his customers.
Comment by Collin McIver
August 4, 201211:01 am

I’ve been a loyal customer to Hye Tech Auto Repair & Diagnostic since I first heard of it in 2009. First time I went here was for my wife’s 2001 BMW 525i which failed smog check because the SES light was on. John(owner) was so accommodating & straightforward to explain all the codes causing this & to make the story short, Hye Tech Auto got it to pass smog after replacing OEM parts at a way below dealer pricing! I also have an 09 Scion xB which is still under dealer extended warranty but I preferred to bring it to Hye Tech when those mickey mice at the dealership stripped the wheel lugs & said the nuts were defective. As usual John & his crew, all professional & friendly guys relieved my stress by taking care of it quickly & professionally.
They stick to their motto FIRST TIME RIGHT, plus gives it a little more by treating you as a friend! Which reminds me… my 91 MR2 is almost due for an oil change/tune up… See you soon John!
Comment by Jan Rex
September 14, 20127:10 am

I heard you did a Marine family a major service and I wanted to thank you and your crew for all you did. HOOAH! You are great Americans and I wish you every success.
Comment by David Webb
December 14, 20131:44 pm